Olive & Diet

Olive oil, that is the oil that comes from the fruit of olive trees, is thanks to its nutritional and biological properties a main component of our diet from antiquity till today.

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Olive tree & History

The Greeks were the first to cultivate olive trees for its precious products, olives and olive oil.
The olive tree is one of the longest living trees and according to the myth it first stemmed in Acropolis, when the goddess Athina hit a rock with her spear during a quarrel with Poseidon about the occupation and protection of the town, which was then named Athens. The olive tree was also a symbol of peace and victory, since Olympic medalists were crowned with olive branches.

The olive fruit was considered to be blessed and a lot of legends, traditions and religious ceremonies were based on it. It is the child carer olive tree, according to Sophocles, and the first tree that emerged after Noan’s flood according to Christian tradition. Since respect was high for this holy tree, uprooting was a criminal offense.

Later on, when the Greeks created the first colonies, they transferred olive trees with them along with their precious knowledge about olive cultivation.
Greek people are closely related to their natural product till the present day, when, considering the recognition of the importance of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil is thought to be one of the most significant allies for the human body.