Olive & Diet

Olive oil, that is the oil that comes from the fruit of olive trees, is thanks to its nutritional and biological properties a main component of our diet from antiquity till today.

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The olive press

Our company has the advantage of owning a private oil press, which is the major factor for the production of this exceptional result. We are equipped with means of the latest technology, mechanical equipment and highly standardized facilities which ensure the ideal conditions for processing and storing the olive fruit and oil as well as excellent hygiene conditions.

Our oil press takes responsibility for the production of the exquisite LIVELIA olive oil in two phases, without adding water and in normal room temperature conditions which conserve all nutrients plus the finest olive scent. We have the capacity of 5,000 kilos per hour and we are also able to take over olive extraction, which is certified by the Organisation for the Control and Certification of Organic Products.

Bottling, packaging and trade of olive oil and edible olives

As we consider the process of cultivation of olives trees a matter of high importance, LIVELIA provides the suitable conditions for the proper and timely harvesting of olive fruit which are carried to our oil press and produce exceptional olive oil which is then collected and stored in stainless tanks until bottling and packaging take place in accordance with the Food Security and Management System ISO 22000. As far as our edible olives are concerned, after being collected they are transferred to our facilities where they are stored in such a way to ensure their quality. They remain in special tanks until ripen and then they are sorted out. At the final stage, they are bottled and packaged in special containers.