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Olive oil, that is the oil that comes from the fruit of olive trees, is thanks to its nutritional and biological properties a main component of our diet from antiquity till today.

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LIVELIA is a newly-established as well as fully equipped plant of olive oil bottling, packaging and exportation. It was established in 2002 and its facilities include a highly standardized oil press, where the production takes place, along with special units for bottling.

Our firm, working on new technology and attitude, carries on lovingly and in good spirit the Greek age old tradition in olive oil, producing exceptional olive oil. What makes it special above all other features is that the olive fruit used are collected from our finest lands located in Kinouria region.

This fact enables us to watch the proper and healthy growth of our olive trees more systematically and consequently create the right conditions for the production of the perfect crop as far as quality is concerned.

Every field of ours meets the conditions of the “Complete Management System” and the whole production procedure provides a certificate for its quality by the Food Security Management System ISO 22000. The main aim of LIVELIA is to establish a good reputation in the field of food industry and become known as a company which sets its customers and consumers needs above all. For the achievement of this goal we continuously invest on management and ensuring quality systems along with technological equipment. At the same time, we emphasize on the recruitment of specially trained staff and innovative ideas as far as the products and their packaging is concerned.

LIVELIA is located in Astros, a town in the region of Kinouria, just opposite the archaeological site of Eva, which was considered by Herodes Atticus as the ideal place to build his manor house.